Wednesday 6 March 2013

Sports and white people!

Yesterday a group from Wayne State in Nebraska came down to Ixtapaluca. They are serving in Mexico City this week. They are doing all sorts of crazy cool stuff like helping at an ladies home, serving at a soup kitchen, and helping with a street kid ministry. But they took a day to come visit us! I know one of the leaders, Michelle, she worked for me at Camp Rivercrest-- great girl!

All 13 kiddos arrived around noon and we gave them a little tour of the ministries and area. You would think we were almost a circus walking around. Not only were we a giant group of white people but the boys in the group were super tall-- and loud! ha

After lunch they helped us stuff 1200 easter eggs for our easter egg hunt in a week and a half.

And finally they played. With over 100 kiddos- MOST of them we don't know! I know God will use this group playing with these kids to help us build even more relationships in this community!

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