Thursday 23 May 2013

Church Property, Bible Studies and Working Out

In case you were wondering what a Sunday morning time looks like, just look at the picture below. That is the "3 minutes that is actually 10" that we go around to greet everyone! I love that time, even if it is a maze to get around!
Hopefully we will have more space in the new church! If you missed the update on that, we have enough money to pay land and taxes etc. NOW we just need to build a building (Well kinda). But we need the funds first! If you are interested in helping us with that and to learn more about it, go here!

This week we began a little fit club in our neighborhood. Monday and Wednesday we have had 6 people come =) It has been fun, and we are all really sore! I was going to take pictures, but i thought that would be weird!

The girls are all set for our new study on the women of the bible! This week we had a time of prayer and made our poster. The goal... every week we will study a lady and come up with a symbol that helps us remember who she is. We listed the names to them and the only ones any of them new were Eve and Mary the mother of Jesus. Which was no big surprise, but it will make it fun to study something brand new to them! You can pray for this study-- for the girls and the leaders ;)

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