Thursday 30 May 2013

the little annoyances.

Confession time: when I walk my dog I like to put in my headphones and walk my dog. It seems selfish, yes I know. But I like to block out distractions, pray, think, or not think, or whatever. But stopping to talk to fifty people, even briefly is sometimes an annoyance to me. And even worse, I do not notice people.... Because I am in my own little world (how very American of me).

I am a slightly introverted person, if you did not know that about me. I love hanging out with people.... But sometimes, I just need to walk my dog.

Now, as I have lived here and grown more accustom to this culture, and learned more of the language.... I don't mind, and *gasp* sometimes even enjoy running into people, greeting them, chatting for a moment and then continuing on.  One of the ways I can see myself changing.

Anyways, sometimes those annoyances turn into something more then stopping to say hi. Sometimes someone stops me and asks me about classes in the community center. We love new people :). Sometimes people stop me to talk about my dog (I have met more people through her than any other way), And sometimes, like yesterday, I meet someone who is new to the neighborhood, saw the sign on my house (if you want to change Mexico, be born again), and we chat for a while. Which leads to swinging by her house before church on Sunday so we can go together. 

Sometimes what I perceive as annoyances aren't at all. Well, they are until I change my attitude.

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  1. Sounds so much like that garage sale sign someone put in my yard 6 or 7 years ago that ultimately brought us together with Rosa's family which ultimately turned into a web of connections which is the very foundation of our ministries today. I get so frustrated when people put those signs there as the signs are generally left on permanent display until I remove them. In that case, it happened to change the path of our family's life and was the first step in bringing at least 8 people to know the Lord!