Thursday 30 January 2014

Support Raising

I don't normally write about support and giving money on here but today I am going to!

As most of you know, I have been in Mexico for the last 2.5 years working on a church plant team in Ixtapaluca (right outside of Mexico City)! I came here and kept extending my time =0). God has called me to go full time and I am working on raising the required monthly (and onetime) support that is needed to do so.

My current need is $1900 a month (more) to continue my service here after August 5th. My desire is to continue living and working here without interruption. I will have to do a small trip in the fall to the states for connecting, asking and sharing the story of what God is doing here.

While 1900 dollars a month SEEMS like a big number, if you break it down, it isn't bad at all.
19 people (or churches or groups) at 100 a month
28 people at 50 a month
76 at 25 a month
95 at 20 a month
190 at 10 a month
OR any combination. See, not bad!

Anyways, would you like to partner with me and what God is doing here in Ixtapaluca?
Are you in a church who would like to hear more?
How about your bible study?

Please let me know if you have questions, suggestions, comments. My e-mail is

HERE Is my giving link! (if you want a paper form, let me know!)

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