Friday 24 January 2014

Tiempo de Vivir

This week was the first week of our new community center block of classes. We never really know how the classes will turn out.... but so far so good!

All classes have been just the amount that the teachers can handle. Rod having like 8-10 guitar students, a room full for english classes, 4-5 for keyboard, 12 for kids craft class, and 12 for country dance class... oh and 2-6 for the everyday exercise class.

The best part of it... there is a great mixture of people we know (whether through the church or through other community center activities) and people we have never seen before!

Please pray for these classes this year. That we can not only provide some new knowledge, experience etc for the people attending but that we can gain relationships with the new people. We know relationships is the first step in being able to share the Gospel.

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