Saturday 28 February 2015

Community Centers!

Over the past several years, we have talked (and wrote) about the uniqueness of the community center approach to church planting.

It is interesting because it gives us (missionaries and other believers who are a part of it) a fun, non threatening way to get to know the people and the community. We get to laugh, have fun, and learn something new all while initiating a friendship with new people. Eventually from that friendship we can start talking about spiritual things.... share the Gospel, start a Bible Study etc.

So, what is new with the community centers...
1. Well, we started a new community center in the new neighborhood (Las Palmas). It is actually in the bottom floor of my house.  It has been a little over two months, already relationships are being formed. It is fun to hang see new friends when walking around my neighborhood, getting invited to homes to share meals etc.
Things are happening in this neighborhood, already (Kids club, classes, sports outreaches etc)! I can not wait to see what God is going to do in this place.
By the way, people in the new neighborhood... people love my silly dog again.-- maybe more than me =)

2. We are still having classes in Jesus Maria. We want to move that location to the upstairs of the church (eventually), have people from the Jesus Maria church to teach classes etc. Those classes will obviously change... maybe not english but maybe carpentry and plumbing. Still reaching people for Christ.... just in a different way!

Things are happening, we are busy, and we could even do more!

There are some things you can do to partner with us...
- PRAY! Pray for us. Pray for the community center, the classes, the teachers and the people that are coming. Pray that we can effectively be a light in these neighborhoods.
- COME! Bring a team. Help us with VBS, help teach classes, do a sports outreach etc. Your team can be your family, your friends, your youth group, your church, your small group, just you! E-mail me if you are interested and we can talk more specific details!
- GIVE! We can do a lot on just a very little bit of money. But, the reality is we want to continue to do more and we need the funds to do that. If you would like to give to these projects (helping move the community center to the church, buying things to improve the community centers, buying soccer balls, wheel chairs, help with rent etc.) Go here! We appreciate it =0)

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