Tuesday 3 March 2015

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Having events where anyone can come to is a huge help to us when we are attempting to get to know an area and the people in it.

In the next month, we have a lot planned!

Only three more weeks left in this block of community center classes. That is crazy! It has flown by. We have been able to get to know new people, get to know other people better, and get to know the new neighborhood a little.
Closing Ceremonies will be...
In Jesus Maria, Wednesday March 25th
In Las Palmas, Thursday March 26th
It is a fun way to invite everyone who comes to classes (and their families), recognize their participation, eat good food, and share the Gospel!

The following week (which is Holy Week), we have a group from Chicago coming down. I think they just want to get away from the cold weather!
We have a lot planned for them, while they are here. We will be taking advantage of the fact that lots of people have the week off and there is no school!
We will have a soccer tournament, a wheelchair giveaway and the good 'ol easter egg hunt! Yes, all in a week.

Each event has a different target audience, a different way to show the Love of God, a different way to share a story from the bible (for example, during the wheelchair event Mayra shares about the paralytic man and the easter egg hunt we use the resurrection eggs!)

Even though we would love for a hundred people to come to each event, but we realize that it is not all about the numbers. It would be a successful event if 5 people come, they hear the Gospel, we plant seeds, we make contacts.

We would love for you to pray for these events. Please pray for the people coming, for the group coming down, for us (as we share, plan, organize, etc).

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