Monday 30 March 2015

We are the body of Christ

This afternoon we had the opportunity to go to the Rehab center, we have been able to go help, encourage, and chat with the guys at this place before.

It is always a good time to hear how God took these boys from a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol and bring them to Him. Some of the people they have been able to help went back to the streets and the drugs... others are living a life for God.

These guys live absolutely by faith... faith God will provide food, rent and all their needs. It is a place that is bare bones, and they are thankful for every single thing God has given them. (if you want to bring a group to this place to put windows in the house, or help in any other way, let me know!)

It is always encouraging to be there, listening to their stories, praying with them. I only hope we are as much of an encouragement to them.

The group from Chicago did a skit about the body of Christ. We are all important in the plan of God (from the high school student, pastors, missionaries, former drug addicts, business men, stay at home moms etc.). We all have a part to play.  It is important to remember that.

We also were able to listen to some incredible testimonies of how God has changed people.

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