Monday 23 March 2015

Look what the Lord has done.

A little over four years ago, I gave “notice” at my job that I was officially moving to Mexico in August. I said, “yes” to an adventure that I really knew nothing about. All I knew was that I loved God and He told me to go. But, past that, I knew nothing!

I came to Mexico… the same person that I have always been, with the same faults I have always had. I didn’t turn in to some super Christian… even though that would have been nice ;)

Actually, being in an unfamiliar place has a different effect on a person. It tends to reveal all of your insecurities and faults. Sounds fun, huh? 

But, it also does something else. It helps you discover gifts you never thought you had! It makes you realize that you enjoy things that you never thought you would. And all of those gifts and talents are never meant for me. They are meant to bless others and most importantly…. they are to be used to glorify God.

I realized that I love to connect people to each other. I don’t know why this doesn’t really happen more in missions. We are all on the same team. We want to see people put their faith in Christ and grow in their relationship with Him. People all over the world are doing that in some incredible ways. Why can’t we share ideas, resources, and contacts? Anyways, I love meeting people and seeing how they can help our ministry here, how we can help theirs or how they can benefit from knowing someone else that I know. 

Another one is the compassion that I have for people. God first started planting the seeds of compassion in me well before I moved to the mission field. I have witnessed and met women and girls who were stuck in human trafficking, talk to boys who lived on the street, got to know people who were bound to their house until they were given wheelchairs, got to know people who were stuck in sin, help families who worshipped everything except the one true Lord—- and the list goes on. And as I have come to know the needs not only here in Mexico but all over the world, I can not help but be compelled to help in any way I can. My heart breaks daily as I think and pray for all the brokenness of the world. 

Another part of compassion and connecting is being able to help people see the world for the first time. Bringing teams, interns, people from the United States and giving them a glimpse of not only the needs in the world, but also what God is doing in the world-- specifically Mexico. There is nothing better then watching someones life be changed by seeing the world in a new way. 

And of course, the gifts and talents that I used back in the States are still very present. I love organizing events, activities, classes. I love taking part in teaching people. I love helping with the youth group. I love people.

All of these gifts, callings, talents… it is not who I am but it is what I do now. It is what fills me with purpose and adds more joy to my relationship with the Lord. It is a calling that helps me listen and see what God is doing both in me and in the world around me. It makes me love the person in front of me and give of what I can. 

We serve a very creative God. One who can take a person and their little life and do fun things with them. His gifts are a privilege. Watching him work in our little lives is an honor. It never about my glory, I really don’t want any. It is about being able to say “look at what the Lord has done!” It is about standing in awe of God who invites us to take part in what He is doing.

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