Friday 5 June 2015

Reaching the Lost

We are called, as Christians to reach the lost. 

Every person, every place, every circumstance is different. What it looks like to reach the lost is different in the United States than it does in Spain or in China or in Mexico. What it looks like in one city, one neighborhood looks different than another. What it looks like will be different based on who you are and the gifts God has given you. 

We, as a team here in Ixtapaluca, don't like to live in a box. We tend to do things that are outside the norm. Really, just look at our personalities =) God, has given us the opportunity to reach the lost here in Mexico in very creative ways. Every thing we do is to meet a need of the people, get to know them, show them the Love of God and eventually (hopefully) lead them to the Lord. 

Some of what we have done:
- English Classes
- Baking, dancing, music, sports and craft classes
- Community Centers
- Going to a gym to create friendships
- bible studies
- easter egg hunts
- giving out wheelchairs
- coffee shop
- lots of community improvement projects 
(painting speedbumps, cleaning up trash, putting in benches
 and swing sets, painting hand ball courts etc)
- helping at existing projects 
- Youth Rally
- Kids Club
-etc etc etc

Sometimes helping (reaching) others means reaching out to people that you wouldn't normally hang out with and doing things that you wouldn't normally do. Loving the unloveable, that is what Jesus taught us, right? Sometimes reaching others means babysitting, sometimes it means just having coffee and listening, sometimes it is helping after a surgery, or bringing food to someone. 

Whatever we do, we like to have fun doing it!

We want to be Christians that are motivated by love for God and our neighbors. We want to serve God by caring for peoples needs, whatever that looks like. Doing that can change a persons life, it can change a families life, it can change a neighborhood.... maybe even more!

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