Thursday 4 June 2015

Summer 2015 is Quickly Approaching!

The first Camino Global intern arrives in Ixtapaluca in one week and the first group arrives in one week and one day! =0)

I love the summer... it gives us the opportunity to do more, with more hands and more personalities!

We plan to be busy, and ask that you pray for us, the interns, the groups, the people we will be in contact with!

Here are some dates to keep in mind for the summer!

June 13- Soccer Tournament
June 17- Wheel Chair giveaway (10 chairs)
June 20 and July 15- Street kid ministry

June 22-July 10- Three weeks of community center classes
June 29, July 2,6, 17- Serving and sharing the Gospel at a home for older people without families
July 1 and 16- Helping, serving, and caring at a christian drug rehab center
July 7-10- Sports Camps (two per day)
July 18- Soccer Tournament
Random baking classes, craft, english conversation classes and other events!
Random service projects and construction projects

The photo is a flyer we are going to pass out next week in Palmas... doesn't include things in other neighborhoods! 

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