Monday 21 September 2015


A couple months ago I got the opportunity to start taking the youth group to an orphanage here in Ixtapaluca. 

Come to find out, its actually two different houses. One here in Ixtapaluca and the other one about twenty minutes away. 

It is a fun new outreach, to hang out with these kiddos! I have the privilege to teach english to the junior and senior high kids every Wednesday and hang out and play (and give a little bible story) every other Saturday. 

Turns out that the guy who runs the place was a taxi driver when he saw the need for a place for kids who are homeless. That has turned into what they have now. They live in bare bones facility and completely live by faith, even for their next meal. 

(pictures below)

They were recently given land to build a proper orphanage. Please join us in prayer that God will give them the money needed to build.

For sure, groups coming down will probably have the opportunity to come and hang out with these kiddos!

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