Tuesday 8 September 2015

Tiempo de Vivir- Sponsor a Month!

Hello All!

In one week we begin the next block of classes here in Las Palmas! It will be the second block in the new community center (check out the schedule below). We also will have (hopefully) the beginning of a bible study on Wednesday evenings and (hopefully) the beginning of a youth group on Friday evenings starting in October. 

The goal: A new church! 

We were super fortunate to have a very generous couple donate rent for this year. But, in a few months the missionaries will have to cover it. It is a little less than $200 USD a month. I am looking for 12 people who would like to "sponsor" a month of community center rent for 2016. 

If this is something you, or your small group, or your church would like to do... let me know. And you can donate here, the community center project!

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