Thursday 19 May 2016

First week and a half!

The first week and a half of the summer is already done, I can not believe it.

I have one Camino Global intern and a team of five people from Simpson University's Worldserve program.

We have had the opportunity to, several times, spend time with the elderly at the shelter... loving on them, praying with them, feeding them, changing diapers, doing crafts and projects. We have also had the privilege of serving the kiddos at the orphanage. Spending time making them feel loved and cherished, playing with them and giving lots of hugs!

After a dry spell with the classes in Palmas, we are also doing classes again that are being attended. Hip hop, guitar, english, crafts etc.

Oh, and a girls bible study.

IT has been a good time, I look forward to the next week and a half with these six people! Please be praying for us as we continue to serve the people of Mexico!

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