Friday 6 May 2016


If you ask God for compassion, at some point, be prepared. If you ask Him, to help you love. He will.  He will open your heart in a way, that you never have known before.

Love is a beautiful thing. But, it can be hard too. It can hurt. 

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to work with people that are hurting. I have heard the stories of children who have been left by their parents, or taken from the home. I have been to a funeral of a kid that I fell in love with, I have seen what elder abuse looks like first hand. I have known what corruption looks like, even when a persons life is on the line. I have met people that own people. I have also met people are responsible for the taking of women, the women themselves, and seen what it looks like for someone to come out of that.

These things tear me in two. 

I long to be able to help them, to protect them. To show them what love really is.

But, the reality is that all over the world hearts are breaking.
Hearts that don't know or understand love.... and do not know how to give it either.

Sometimes that weight of this overwhelms me. Makes me want to hide away... away from the world, away from the eyes of those precious people.

I am often times hurt and angry about the situations. About the injustice of it all.

Angry that people don't value humans the way they should, the way God does.

And sad. Sad that so many hearts, so many people, so many places... this nation.... needs so much healing. They need the touch of a Father. And to experience love.

I need Grace. I need to lean on the Father, myself as I fight against discontentment. I need to rely on the Lord as I choose to rejoice.

But, even more than sad and angry, I am thankful.
I am thankful.... for the tiny arms that hug me when I walk into the orphanage.
I am thankful.... the smiles.
I am thankful... the little steps that I see in the lives of people towards healing and wholeness.
I am thankful... for REDEMPTION.

I am thankful for redemption. I am thankful that God makes ugly things beautiful. 

So, what is there to do?
Keep on going. Keep going and showing the LOVE of Jesus to the people who need it the very most. Giving GRACE to the people who least deserve it. PRAYING for the healing of them all.

Things will always be messy... but the image of redemption is a beautiful one.

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