Sunday 2 October 2016

What happened to September?

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September seemed to fly by with lots of activity. I spent the first two weeks in Nebraska enjoying a few football games, lots of time with friends and family, and speaking a couple times about what God is doing here. 

Last week all the Camino Global missionaries in Mexico got together for our yearly fellowship conference. It is a great time to visit with the missionary family here in Mexico, worship together and play games!

Between those two things, we have been busy here trying to get my house ready to be moved into in Amealco. My house is... rustic, but it is getting there. I hope to move in and begin to call it home in just a few weeks! You can pray specifically for next Sunday when we have a huge workday to get as much plumbing, electrical, cleaning, putting up fence up, etc done as possible. 

There is also a lot of planning and praying for future ministries in Amealco. If you missed the last update (or want to read about it again), You can read about it here.  There is also the financial need for those ministries, if you would like to give, please go to the Camino Global website, and put in Specific designation: project # 063651. You can also shoot me an e-mail for more information.
Please be in prayer as we raise money and start these exciting new ministries. Pray that God would be glorified, many would come to know Him and that it would be fun!

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