Monday 31 October 2016

What is going on?

"Unless there is an element of risk in our exploits for God, 
there is no need for faith" - Hudson Taylor 

I knew going into this fall it would be full of travel and events along with moving and everything else, and I am glad to say that I believe as of today I am done traveling for the fall! Now I can soley focus on things in Amealco for the rest of the year. 

Things are getting up and rolling in Amealco as we prepare for many things that are getting ready to happen. 

- First of all, I get to move into my house (Lord willing) this next weekend! It is dependent on a plumber, the brick people and the door people. But, it is getting to the end of what we can do on our own. I am excited to finally begin settling into Amealco and even more excited to not live in a suit case anymore (its only been 3.5 months!).

- I am picking up my new puppy today! She is a blue pitbull that is named Hippo (because they look like little hippos). I love dogs and that puts me up to having three bundles of joy! Even though I enjoy having dogs and I would have a hundred of them, if i could... Hippo, specifically, is a protection dog. 

-We (as a team here in Amealco) are busy preparing and getting ready for all the really fun ministries that are going to be getting started in the next several months. Our market spaces are being constructed, as you read this, to house the coffee shop and community center. The logos are being made and we are making progress with all the plans. 

- I have had several opportunities open up about an orphanage or other "on the side" ministries that I will check out in the next month. 

It has been amazing to see God work in and through this season of my life. Please continue to be in prayer for this season of setting up new ministries, settling into a new town and getting to know everything all over again. 

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