Saturday 17 December 2016

Looking Forward to 2017

My last post was what happened in a nutshell in 2016 (if you didn't see it, go here!)

There was so much that happened in 2016 and it seems that 2017 will continue in that direction--- new experiences, new ministries, new new new new new....

So, what is in the future...

1. La Cima. La Cima is going to be the organization in which we do everything under. This will include....
- A community center. A place where people can come to learn english, crafts, music etc. While our goal is to reach anyone and everyone in the community, a strong emphasis will be placed on reaching the new universities students who go over an hour away for quality english classes
- Aroma Coffee Shop. This will be a space right next door to the community center. The goal is to allow a place, one of the only places in Amealco that is a place where people can hang out. It will also allow people experience some american style coffee and desserts. It will probably be the first contact that most people have ever had with a Christian as well. Part of this ministry will be a christian book store where they can buy or order bibles and other books.
We are working on getting the money needed currently to make both of these spaces a reality! We are working with Camino Foundation to provide the best services possible. Three of us will also be traveling to Guatemala in February to learn how to run a christian based coffee shop. They will teach us everything from picking coffee beans, roasting, barista training, etc. Hopefully, these two spaces will be up and running by the end of March! 

- Partnering with a local rural school. Starting in January, english classes will be offered at this school. Four mornings a week, there will be classes for preschool, elementary school, junior high and their mommies! We are offering free classes to everyone. The rural schools don't normally get "extras" in their education and this will allow them have something fun and hopefully will allow them to advance a little in their education. Most Universities are requiring english now, and this will give them a head start on that and maybe the ability to GO to the university.
- The money earned from both the community center and the coffee shop will go into another ministry. We are not sure WHAT that ministry will be but it will be community service based. Some options are an after school program, a food bank, etc. We are taking the next several months to pray about what this is going to be!
- There are also plans to build a training center for leaders, this will be an ongoing project that you will hear more about at a later date.

2. Manantial de Vida. This is the church plant in Amealco. It has been going for several years. It has been exciting to see how God has been working in this church!
The house that I am living in, has a separate building that we want to make into somewhere where we can meet as a church, in town. Hopefully a group from Nebraska will be coming down in January to help us with that. This will allow us, to hopefully, be more accessible to the people of the community.

3. Groups and interns. We will be using groups and interns this year to help us get all the ministries up and running from January to August. We are almost booked up for the summer. If you are interested in coming down to help this year, please let us know NOW!

There are some other things in the works, that you'll have to wait to hear about. =) But, until then... know that 2017 is turning out to be busy, and it isn't even here yet!

If you would like to give a year end gift..
1. I am still low on one time and monthly gifts. Your donation would help me not worry about money in 2016. To give to my account, go here! 
2. You can also give to the community center/ coffee shop accounts to help us get all that running. Go here and  put project number 063651

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