Tuesday 17 January 2017

And so it begins....

After taking some time to move, get my house ready, settle in the new members of my crew, learn my way around, get to know the church, and rest a bit... things are finally starting for me here in Amealco.

For the past few months we have been working with the Camino Foundation to get set up as a community center/ coffee shop. We are making progress on that and our expected "start" date is mid March to the beginning of April. Now really starts the fundraising, getting the plans concrete, finding the equipment we need etc.
In just a few weeks; Brock, Heather and I are headed to Guatemala to get trained on running a coffee shop. He is going to teach us everything from going to the farmer, roasting, managing and running a successful coffee shop. The guy we are learning from keeps telling us to get lots of rest because we will need it before we go, so we are wondering what we just got ourselves into! =)
Be on the look out for many blogs about this experience. Mike has suggested it would be fun to document this experience, so I am going to! Starting in just a few days! =0)
But, really we are excited about this opportunity and ask you keep us in your prayers. We are also a little short of being funded for this trip, if you want to help out, let me know.

This week begun tons of English classes in Amealco. English is a great avenue to get to know people and create a relationship with them. Before the community center is up and running we are still being proactive in building relationships in the community. Right now, that is in the form of two different things.
1. Teaching every morning at a local rural school. This school has 33 families and very few "extras". While still a government school, it doesn't get much help. The classes range from preschool to Junior high and then also teaching a class to the mothers.  We are also planning days of games and english activities to get the family involved. This will be a fun way to get to know these 33 families and hopefully beginning to build relationships with them!
2. The family that owns the house I am renting have been wanting to learn english. So twice a week, they come to my house for some classes. There are several reasons for this.... first of all, it is a desire that I can help with. Secondly, this is a large family that knows everyone in Amealco. So our circle of influence could become great.

Right now, I feel knee deep in making sure all of my things are legal in the new residence. Changing my address on my permanent residency card, getting new license plates etc. This is all seeming to take more time then I expected, but I am making progress!

As I look towards the next few months, we have a few teams coming, a few trips planned, lots of getting to know people and setting up the new ministries. I ask you pray for us here. Amealco is not as "open" as Ixtapaluca is and we have to be careful at the rate we expand and do ministry.

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