Tuesday 7 February 2012

Down and Out for the Count.

Yesterday we had a team meeting. I could feel myself feeling a little worse with each passing hour. That is a weird feeling, i think i would rather just wake up sick then feel the decline!

Yep, today I have been sick. Most of the time I feel like I can fight off a cold or illness or at least work through it... but not today. Today I have been pretty useless.... I slept until my dog had to go to the bathroom -- took her out, and slept some more! The only real time I got out of bed was when Tiffany (I love that girl!) brought me over lunch.

My dog has been super sweet all day. She just curled up next to me, with her head on me. I think she knows i don't feel very good... and she thinks that her touch will make me better =)

Anyways, I am awake right now and wanted to stop in and say Hi! Today I am thankful for ib profin (which is the only thing that makes me feel a step above road kill! Oh and i am also thankful for sleep!

Going back to sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow i can function!

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