Saturday 4 February 2012


I am really kinda jealous of my friends at home who get to play in the snow today! I really do LOVE the snow!

*I love how beautiful it is on the fields when there are no foot prints in it.
*I love seeing my dog prancing around in it.
*i love when you get so much snow you can't leave your house!
*I love the calmness that snow brings (unless your at walmart).
*I love being curled up on a snowy day reading a good book with a cup of coffee or chai!
*I love playing in it... sledding, making snow men, snow ball fights, building forts (maybe i never really grew up)
* I actually enjoy putting my headphones on and shoveling!

The list could go on.... But to be fair to my lovely friends who are drowning in snow today there are a few things i don't enjoy...
* 30+ mile an hour winds that burn your skin it is so cold.
* scraping the windows of my car
* When the power goes out because of the snow... but it does make you appreciate heat when you have it!
* getting my car stuck when it slides off the road in a snow storm (although those are usually the best stories)!

Do you think it is too far off to ask God for a freak snow in Ixtapaluca?

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