Monday 20 February 2012

Lesson Learned

So, today Tiffany and I were invited to Marta's house (a lady who leads the kids ministry at our church) to meet a young person and tell him about youth group, eat lunch... yadda yadda.

Anyways, we didn't want to go. Not because we didn't want to meet this person, not because we don't love Marta. We just didn't want to go. We had a hundred excuses too!
We were tired.
We needed to clean the house.
We have laundry to do.
We needed to get ready for classes.
We need to open the coffee shop.
We needed to catch up on emails.
We wanted a break.
It seems we never really have a day without something going on.... can't we just have a few hours to ourselves.

But, we went.... grumbling and kinda complaining the whole way there.

We get there... and the kid isn't there. We socialize for a while, play with the dogs, pray for a while... and then kinda decide he isn't even going to show up.... so we sit down to eat.

Then he shows up and we start a casual conversation with him, not really knowing what was expected of us. THEN Marta begins to talk this this kid (his name is Daniel). Marta knows his issues (which include... he is 15 and thinks his girlfriend is pregnant, issues with his parents, doesn't go to school, talks about the saint of death etc).... but, she lays out the gospel very very clearly... she let her passion and her faith in God shine brightly. Daniel took it all in, you could tell the entire time he was thinking and absorbing all of the information he was hearing her say.

By the end, Marta asked him if he wanted to pray and commit his life to Jesus and he said YES! So of course, we prayed with him, and then he had to leave.

When Tiffany and I left... almost in unison we said... "well that will teach us to not want to do something!"

God taught us a lesson.... He humbled us... and showed us how much He is working around us and through us even when we aren't expecting it.

Almost everyday I get to spend time in peoples houses... for coffee or a meal or whatever. Sometimes I don't feel like doing it. But, today was a perfect example of WHY i should do it. Even when I have things at home I need to do.

***Please pray for Daniel. That he starts reading his bible, that he draws close to God!
Pray also for Marta who plans on sharing the Gospel with his mother tomorrow!***

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