Tuesday 2 October 2012

(3/30) Girls Bible Study

Today we were in our first taxi accident... only minor damage to the very baby pink VW beetle we hit! And right after another taxi magically appeared behind us did i think... THIS WOULD HAVE MADE A GREAT PHOTO OF THE DAY!

Another great photo would have been to the gym we "visited" today. It was BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN! We wanted to join.... but it is 300 (thats dollars) a piece just for the one time membership cost and 100 dollars a month... YA RIGHT! I guess we will keep going to the place that from time to time grosses me out... and usually the equiptment doesnt work

Or the picture of Tiffany in the market (check her facebook page)

So, here you go... your picture of the day.

We started the NEW girls bible study today... 2 showed up! We usually have between 0-10 so two isnt that bad. PLease be praying for more to come--- and that God changes these girls... and tiff and I!

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