Thursday 4 October 2012

(5/30) Really, Rod?

Did you know that Rod Fry is a Hannah Montana fan? ya me either.

Today I was walking around minding my own buisness when I saw Rod hiding in the back patio of the locales playing this very pretty purple Hannah Montana guitar. (He thought he was in a spot where no one would see him.. muahaha)

I do have to say, this was the ONLY picture i was able to snap before the Settlers playing Rod came out and he started screaming and chasing me down. Don't worry, i was not hurt in this chase (i am faster then him!)

Since his secret was revealed, i later saw him (on the same patio crying). Sorry Rod. We love you the way you are.... hidden fan clubs and all!

Ok thats not a true story-- he was actually just tuning a guitar for a girl in his class!

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