Monday 5 November 2012

A little of this... A little of that.

Yesterday we had a great service at church... once a month we do an adoration service. People can sing a song, give a testimony, pray, or worship however they wish. The guys did a song.  So did some individuals and even a family. It is great that everyone can have an active part in our worship service. Then we shared the Lords Supper together!
Just wait til you see what I want to put together for next month. ;)

Today Tiff and I went all the way to the other side of Mexico City in hopes of getting visas. We knew that tiffs was ready, not so sure if mine would be. We left empty handed. But did manage drinking some tasty coffee and found PB m&m's in the metro station. Guess we will try again next week!

I am sitting in my house freezing right now (winter is apparently here). I am looking forward to our missionary team meeting on the beach in two weeks! Rumor has it they have a hot tub.... and a beach... what could be better!

Now back to gearing up for another week of community center activities and reading the stuff for tomorrows youth girls bible study!

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