Saturday 3 November 2012

Day of the Dead Part 2

Before I start-- Rod wrote a great blog about Day of the dead. Check it out. 

Last night (November 2) a group of us from church went to the city for churros and hot chocolate! mmmmm

After we left we decided to head down to the Zocolo (center of mexico city). What we didn't think of .. its day of the dead... hahaha.

We had a little shocker when we turned down the street to see probably over a million people jammed into this little street (well, its not a little street its pretty wide!) TONS of people dressed up in day of the dead/Halloween costumes.

When i think of Halloween at home i think... little kids dressing up as puppies, super heroes, princesses etc... or older people dressing up in the most creative costumes then can think of for some party.

But  here.... wow. Everyone is dressed up in the scariest costume they can possible find or make. Adults and kids alike. I think the goal is to look as dead as possible.

Let me show you....

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