Thursday 15 November 2012

Wheelchairs, evanglism, earthquake, church property, the beach!

Rod, Ismael, Marta, and I went to pick up another 25 wheelchairs to give out! If you haven't heard about this ministry that I happened to kinda stumble upon a few months ago--- It is called Operation Blessing. Basically we are getting wheelchairs from them for about 12 dollars a piece, which has been primarily donated by friends we know from the States. To date we have already been able to have 2 events giving wheelchairs out (I am not sure of the exact number but i want to say between 35-40). It has given us a way to minister to new people and reach a group that is typically left out. We have also been able to get into the special ed school that is right here in our neighborhood!

December 7th, will be our 3rd (and hopefully not our last) event will wheelchairs. In combination with that is also the closing event for our community center, and an evangelistic outreach with our neighborhood. We hope to have lots of new people come for the event. Please be praying for that!

Last night Mexico experienced a 6.1 earthquake. I believe it was around 3am. I probably would have slept right through it if my dog wasn't freaking out. After she woke me it only lasted a few more seconds... but she didn't settle down for about an hour after that! Everything i read reported no major damage, thank God!

Please continue praying for our land situation. We have some land we are looking at. Please pray for wisdom of people handling the decisions and transactions! 

And finally... we are all looking forward to leaving the craziness behind for a few days to have a team retreat on the beaches of Veracruz from Monday-Thursday next week!

This is what 25 un-assembled wheelchairs looks like... who wants to come help up put everything together?

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