Saturday 15 December 2012

A busy Friday!

Yesterday there were THREE events to go to... you know its Christmas time when you get to do that!!!

The first one was at a local school who asked us to come judge a English Christmas carol competition. It was a good time with lots of great carols!

After the event we all went out for breakfast at the golf club and home for an hour before we headed to the special ed school here in Jesus Maria! We have been extremely fortunate to have had the privilege to make friends with this school through the wheelchairs. We were able to bring them 10 more wheelchairs yesterday! We stayed through their Christmas program (theme: Shrek!) Anyways, it was great. The teachers there are incredibly hard workers with a heart for those kids. And the kids are so special! A few times i teared up. Rod also wrote a blog about it (and there is a video!). 

And finally on to the first church (in Santa Barbara) Tiffany and I have been teaching english as an outreach there every Friday. It was also the closing of their kids club. They had way over 100 families that came who got to hear the christmas story (and gospel!). We played a game with the english students that actually came... ate cake, drank ponche and had fun!

Yesterday was a GREAT day! 
Now off to get ready for the youth Christmas party!

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