Tuesday 11 December 2012

Day of the Virgin

So tomorrow (December 12th) is the "Day of the Virgin". Rod wrote a little about it yesterday in his blog.

The other day we started seeing everyone walking, biking, running, and riding to the basilica in Mexico City. Some people walking HUNDREDS of miles carrying GIANT images of Mary.... we even got to ride with statues on the combi yesterday!

December 12th is the day that Mary appeared to Juan Diego, its the famous image of mary that we see all around.
Tiffany and I wanted to go to the basilica tomorrow... just to see what happens on "the virgin day". But because we have to skype with some people from Camino at 1 and we saw images like these on the internet... we decided it was better NOT to go!

Just for the record... I believe that Mary is an important part of history--- I mean she gave birth to Jesus! BUT.... she is not the reason for our salvation. She is not a figure to be worshiped above Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. Jesus died for us... for our sins. So we don't have to suffer to get to heaven....
I also want people to understand that there is a difference between US Catholicism (I know several amazing men and woman of God who are also catholic!) and Mexican Catholicism. It is almost-- you need to see it to believe it type of thing.

But anyways...
Sometimes, it hits me (at random times) just the need for Christ in this country.,... and the last few days has been one of those times.

My favorite line in Rod's last blog (And i 100% agree...) was:
It's sad.  Mexico is not reached.  Don't believe that.  Please.

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