Saturday 1 December 2012

Its a team effort

It is a team effort to get ready for a big event...  our event, next Friday!

25 wheelchairs are currently being put together by the men in the church (instead of their bible study tonight, maybe they are talking about the bible too... who knows!) and they are stacking most of them in my house! Currently 18 or 19 in my house, in various areas!
Last night the little gifts were wrapped for the kids(and adults) who get the wheelchairs. The little bags with candy, church and community center info, and a little booklet with the meaning of Christmas was done tonight....

 Games are done, classes are ready to present, art is ready to be hung (well at least mine!), teacher gifts ready.....

All that needs to be done now... making sure food gets prepared, and I want to make tags for the gifts ... not something that HAS to get done, but I want it to!
Heres what i want to do.... (of course it wont say LOVE hahah)

There are alot of elements going into next friday... Tono Munoz is giving the gospel presentation, classes are presenting, wheelchairs being handed out to another special needs school and some other people, and some art being displayed. It will be a great wrap up to the season... please be in prayer for this night!

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