Wednesday 16 January 2013

And here we go!

And the busy - ness is back!

This week starts all of our classes in the community center. I love getting the classes up and running! It is exciting to see the new people come in and the people we haven't seen in a month come back!

Please be praying for this block of classes. That we honor and glorify God with english, guitar, basketball, baking, photography, coffee shop etc. And that we create friendships that will eventually lead to sharing the gospel =)

On a different note. Tiffany and I were chatting about the girls bible study about a week ago. How our numbers have been really little and we are missing a few girls who use to come to things and don't anymore. We talked about visiting them and seeing what was up and we chatted about one girl who said her mom won't allow her to come anymore.

Well this week... before we were able to even do anything about those girls... they showed up! Between both studies we had 7 girls. Praise God!

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