Friday 4 January 2013

Church Property!

Right before Christmas an incredible thing happened. We signed the contract and paid the down payment on our church property. A true answer to prayer!

But we still need your help.

First... prayer! Please be in prayer for this plot of land. It is in a GREAT location. Pray that the building process and everyone who helps will be a great testimony to God. Pray that the building will be a huge blessing to the community, that the funds come in, and that we have willing hands to help build it!

Second.... give! We need to make 6 monthly payments of about $6750.  We have enough money for the down payment (which is already paid) and about 2 more months. Please consider giving to this...
Click here to give, or write me!

Third.... come down! We will need as many people as we can get to come help us build! Let me know if you are interested!

Happy New Years! =)

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