Saturday 12 January 2013

Pulling Together!

It has been incredible the last few days to watch lots of ladies (and some guys too!) pull together to raise money for our church property!

Today is day four of our garage sale and day two of selling food at night!

I love the aspect of everyone working together for one common goal. It is inspiring. No one person does it all. No one person takes the whole weight on their shoulders. But, instead everyone steps up and does what they can to get to the goal.

Isn't that what we should always do? I am not sure why we always think people aren't willing to help. Why do we think we need to do it our way? In our time? On our own?

Pride? maybe.

I have never been very good at asking for help. One of the things God has taught me since being here... and I am definitely still working on.

Anyways... would you keep praying as we raise money for our land?!?
Thanks =)

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