Friday 4 October 2013

And now I am back.

This week has been a little bit of a whirlwind.

Monday: I spent it packing- packing when you come back to Mexico is like jigsaw puzzle, trying to get everything to fit together and NOT be over the 50lb weight limit! Also, when I go home everyone says "hey i want to see you before you leave" and then they wait until the last day! haha I also had to get rid of the last stuff in my storage units and say some goodbyes. It was harder to say goodbye this time then normal.

Tuesday: Travel. Travel. Travel. Want to know what the benefit to buying the cheapest possible plane ticket? You get to spend the whole day traveling! Basically up at 6am and to Mexico City around 11:30 (got a green light in customs so didn't need my bags gone through!) Thankfully Tiffany and Fabian met me inside the airport to help carry my stuff out for me. And finally back to my house around 12:30ish. Stayed up about an hour chatting.

Wednesday: Up EARLY for exercise class, went to buy stuff for Tiffany's going away party, got ready for the party and had the party. The best part? The inflatable! Oh and celebrating Tiffany's time here in Ixtapaluca.

Thursday: The dreaded "goodbye" to Tiff. I won't go into details on how i feel about that, but she will be missed! Spent the day at baking class (10 people), getting ready for country dance class, community center stuff etc.

Friday: And today I am attempting to get my house back in order and catching up on things. And really just want a nap.

Basically, from one country to another. Saying goodbyes that were hard. Jumping straight into everything happening here in Mexico. Dealing with two dogs who don't want to live together (I have bruises to prove it).

And tomorrow, part three of three of my update series!

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