Saturday 5 October 2013

And now....

So what going on here in Mexico?

Well, we are in going on the fourth week of our community center classes. This block we are offering english, baking, country dance, guitar, soccer, keyboard, drama, exercise, movie night etc etc.
Tiffany taught the first three weeks of my class and now I am jumping in and finishing out the block!

Baking had 10 people plus Shari and I on Thursday, 10 people for the country dance class, a couple for all the exercise classes... and Rod's english and guitar classes were pretty full!

I love the community center!

I am happy to report that things are some what coming along on the church property now! There is some cement poured (eventually that area will be like a multipurpose area but for now we will use it on sundays!) and Ismael told me we should be able to meet there within a monthish (hopeful). There are still issues, so please don't stop praying for all of that!

I am also getting ready to start a new bible study with the youth on Tuesday nights. It is for those who are 15 years old and older and want to help with the youth group. Hopefully it will not only give the older ones more responsibility but also raise up some new leaders! Please pray for me and the preparation of this AND that the youth come (they said they wanted to before I left) and are committed!

Things are happening and we all appreciate your prayers!

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