Saturday 26 October 2013

cleaning, movies, and english

Wednesday evening we got back from a team retreat about an hour or so from where we live. It was a cute little place, had a pool, we played lots of board games, ate lots of tacos, had some meetings. Good times had by all.

Last night was our monthly movie night at the community center.... Monsters University was seen. love that movie!

So far today--- I have gotten lost in Chalco taking a neighbor to visit a family member in the hospital, got food for youth group, visited the people working on cleaning the land, helped a girl with her english homework, and listening to the Nebraska football game (hoping for a comeback win!)

By the way, I am not confident in the English taught in most schools here! The girl I helped, Lupe is her name, needed help pronouncing and memorizing a paragraph from a text book. One sentence was "A girl of five years is eaten soup at night late". 

Here is a photo what our land currently looks like ( wanna come down and help us, as you can see there is plenty of work to be done!)

And some people showed up to start cleaning up outside the property, Thank God for servants in our little church!

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