Friday 1 November 2013

Day of the Dead

Today we got together as a church to celebrate, our own way. Because Christians celebrate LIFE not death!

We started with the adults praying and the kids getting a small devo on why we do not celebrate the Day of the Dead.

All the children wore white and made angel wings. So, they suited up and we hit the streets. The adults received little gospel papers and the kids, well candy of course! =)

Then we came back and partied with the kids!

As we were walking around a few of us stumbled upon this house with a HUGE tent in front of it. It was packed with images and statues of the saint of death- something that is definetly worshipped here. I have also seen many offering tables with food and pictures of their dead relatives.
BUT this one takes the cake. It really breaks my heart seeing the emphasis they put on the dead. I didn't take too many good pics because i didnt want to be rude. As we were standing there we were invited to thier prayer time to the saint of death as well... yikes. In the picture below you can see about 1/2 of the statues and images.
Keep praying for Mexico!

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