Friday 29 November 2013

A video, gifts, and giving.

We just got back from a fun conference with our fellow Camino Global missionaries in Mexico. Each team was assigned to make a video of their ministries. A big thanks to Jim Cottrill for putting such a great video together...

He summerized a bit on his blog about the video
"Incidentally, the team name – the “TLC Team” – is intended to have a bit of a double meaning.  In English TLC is familiar as “tender loving care”.  But in Spanish it’s Tratado de Libre Comercio – or free trade agreement, the equivalent of NAFTA in English.  It reflects the fact that our team is made up of people from various cultures – currently from Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Nicaragua.
I should point out one more thing for those that don’t know Spanish – the newspaper clippings in the early part of the video show some of the sad things that you would see in most newspapers – death, unemployment, crime.  We know that sin has done terrible things to the world.  But then we look up and see who God is, and our perspective changes…"

Take a look!

Tis the time of year when you are considering giving to organizations, buying christmas presents, and getting those LAST minute tax deductions!

Some ideas:

First of all, you can give a one time or monthly gift to my ministry fund. All of that money keeps me here in Mexico ministering to these amazing people.

You can also give to our community center! 

You can give the best gift ever. COFFEE! Hope coffee is a  Camino Global ministry. Buy coffee and most of the proceeds go to a ministry in Honduras that builds homes, adds roofs, or clean water systems to houses. It is a practical way to share the Love of God. If you put that you heard about Hope Coffee from me (Tina Barham) then I get a few cents per dollar spent in my account! =) There is discounts right now AND a christmas blend!

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