Wednesday 4 December 2013

Lots going on!

Let's over due update (again).

Every year we (as a Camino family) head to Veracruz for a four day fellowship time and conference. This time, it was SO COLD! But, we still had a pretty good time, most of the kids swam even when they could see their breath, laughed a lot, played games, etc. etc.
Here is a picture of the ladies at the craft time!

We get back Friday from the conference and Saturday we have a 15 birthday party- bigger than most weddings here. Lots of work went into this party!

This week we are spending it getting ready for a wedding this weekend and the closing ceremony for the community center. But, spent the morning with the Fry family choosing a Christmas tree for their home. 

Have you ever been to a christmas tree farm with a view like this?

AND I even got a little tree too (I am not a grinch, see?!)

Oh and tonight was a craft class with the kiddos!

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