Friday 13 December 2013

christmas, riots and visas

This morning we had the privilege of going to a near by school and judging their English Christmas carol contest. I love doing it, every year! Some groups good, some... well, need a little work!

After breakfast with Rod and Mayra and letting out my doggies, operation get visa was in full swing. The way there was fairly easy, as i thought it would be for around noon! I had plenty of time to get where I was going so i thought i would swing by the Zocolo to see the Christmas decorations. First clue to NOT go was metro station was closed. I went on to Bellas Artes and walked down to the Zocolo.
The tree was pretty, and the sledding hill was being set up.

I went to the other side to take another picture, I thought it was strange to see all of the riot police set up, but ignored them and took my picture. BUT, when I turned around I was surrounded people going on a rampage... something about petroleum AND more were coming. I booked it out of there!  

And on to the office of immigration. Back to the Metro where I found protesters. Metro prices have gone from 3 pesos (20cents ish) to 5 pesos. And people are not happy! It took me 30 minutes to make my way through the thousands of protesters. They kept trying to get me to sign things, they were screaming and the police were literally looking the other direction. Strange. very strange. By the way, I TRIED to put the ticket i paid for into the machines but they weren't taking them.  I asked a "police" and he just told me to go. ok, i guess. 

Made it to the office of immigration to stand in line for about an hour! Fun =0) I actually met a guy who is from California. American, lives there with his wife and kids. He was talking about how he owns a skateboarding shop here, travels back and forth. After and hour of standing in line, I learned that he owns the skateboard shop in the mall less than a few miles from me. Small world. He had an interesting point of view on Christianity.
But, no fear, i have my visa now and a contact if i need any skateboards! =0)

Oh and it took 3 hours to get home. haha

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  1. Tina, that picture of the riot police is a classic! Nice one!