Tuesday 31 December 2013

13 in '13

As the year come to a close, it is fun to reflect on the last 12 months of my life.  I made a list of the thirteen things I learned, relearned, or continued to learn in 2013.

In no particular order.

1. People change, yet God still does not.
Of course, I have known that more than this year... But, it was a common theme this year. Even when people around me change (maybe for the good, maybe not ), but God is still faithful .
 I am also thankful, continually, that God is God... That I serve The One who is forever the same, but is changing me.

2.  Extend grace to myself.
Although I am not the perfectionist that I once was, I struggle with nothing ever being good enough, whenever I finish something, I spend time thinking about what was wrong and what could have been better. (Not always bad to do that, you know). But this year taught me (sometimes the hard way), that I can give myself grace the way I try to give it to others.

3. Live for the moment
Even though I need to think and plan the future, I can not let worrying about what is going to happen over shadow the present.

4. Take new risks.... by myself.
I have never had a hard time trying something new or being adventurous.... And I admit usually it's more fun with a friend. But when no one else is around, why not do something crazy alone. It usually won't kill me, but will make life more fun and make me more interesting. 

5. God isn't in a hurry, even when I think He should be.
His work belongs to Him. He sets the pace. He leads. He guides. He provides. I can not make Him go any faster than His will.

6. Be thankful.
Even when having a tough day/week. In the little things and the big. It is the clue for thriving in life instead of just surviving.

7. Sing in the shower so your neighbor can hear it, it's fun!

8. if you don't know... ASK! 
Don't go around assuming you know or understand something or someone. Also (almost) no question is stupid and you can always learn more. 
You know what people say about assuming.

9. Be good to my body.
Eat right, exercise, relax, sleep.... All make me feel better.

10. Excuses, don't use them.
With the exception of excuses like "my _____died" most excuses  are not legitimate and lame... For everyone involved. 'I don't know where to start', 'I'm tired', 'it's too hard'. They all usually mean,  'I am not making it a priority'

11. When in doubt, make an effort.
I will never regret doing something I think I should do but it might be a little scary. If I fail, at least I tried.

12. Take a day off.
When I stay in my pj's a bit longer, watch a movie, talk to friends on Skype. And do not allow myself to feel guilty about it.

13. Uncomfortable underwear ruin your day, so don't wear them. ;)

14. Set realistic goals
It's easy, for me, to set goals that are far fetched and unrealistic. But, that leads to disappointment and not getting anywhere. But setting realistic small goals aNd accomplishing them feels great.

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  1. good points here. I will be trying no.4 out soon - As part of a challenge I will be doing something really really crazy though it will mean breaking no.13 (even though I agree with it) because I'm going to be having a wedgie for a day. check out my blog: