Sunday 17 November 2013

Just another Sunday

A lot of people always ask what a typical day looks like here. Well, there is no such thing, and I love that. But lately, my Sundays are killer! They are really fun, but at the end of the day--- I am tired!

First, wait for all the stuff for the church to be picked up from my house.... I am the storage unit!

Second, head to church for worship and praise time. Have I ever mentioned I like worshiping in Spanish more than English?

After worship time, take the youth girls to my house for a bible study. We are studying the Fruit of the Spirit. This weeks topic: LOVE

Then youth group. We eat, have a small bible study and do some sort of activity. We are studying David. This week we talked about the story of David and Goliath.
 During the activity, the girls were at the table talking and being creative... the boys- watching football (american) --------- typical!

Then I went to watch a youth play soccer. Today was the finals so it was an intense game with LOTS of people. It is fun to watch the youth do what they are passionate about. They won by the way in a shoot off at the end. =0)

And finally, a youth leadership study. It is a study for the older kiddos.... give them more responsibility in the group! This week we studied.... "why is it important for leaders to pray"

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