Friday 9 May 2014

Mujeres Cambiando Ixtapaluca

This morning I noticed it was BEAUTIFUL out! Perfect weather, clear view of the volcanoes.... so i took the dog out for an early morning walk.

When I got to the park, I noticed a group of women working on cleaning and painting the park swings. I have seen them before. They alway wear the pink vests that say mujeres cambiando Ixtapaluca (women changing ixtapaluca). Today i stopped and asked if i could help.

Yep, they looked at me like i was crazy!

But i tied my dog to a poll, picked up some red paint and a paint brush and got started!

I found out that they do things in Jesus Maria once a month. They actually have a group that works in a lot of the parks in Ixtapaluca. Cool!

We finished and I gave them my phone number and they told me they would let me know their schedule! I'd love to help and get involved in this!

Plus the backdrop isn't bad, huh?

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