Tuesday 13 May 2014

Summer 2014

Let's see, what do we have going on this summer?

- Two Camino Global six week interns
- Three brothers from Pennsylvania for a month.
- Marcy (one of last years interns) is returning for almost a month.
- Fremont Alliance Church Youth Group at the end of July to help with VBS!
- Maybe a handful of unconfirmed others

- Starting TWO new outreach areas (Acozac and Palmas)
- Continuing things in Jesus Maria
- Hopefully giving out 50 more wheelchairs
- Youth Rally in Jesus Maria
- A ventriloquist is coming for a week to do some outreaches.
- Vacation bible school
- World Cup activities

If you would like to help us with some of the expenses of the summer, send me an e-mail!

Rod just rented a house for our guys for the summer, which will eventually be someone else's house... and maybe someone else's after that?
He also talked about YOU coming down with your family, we would love to have you.... check it out!

We will be busy this summer, please keep all of us in your prayers! =0)

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