Tuesday 6 May 2014

whats been happening?

It has been a couple weeks since updating what has been going on. Here is a quick catch up...

- We have been getting ready for summer interns, visitors, and teams!
            -We are hoping to start outreaches in two new areas (prayers for that appreciated).  We will be having movie nights, sport outreaches, english classes, game nights.... should be fun! =)
           -We have so many fun things happening this summer... one of which is a ventriloquist heading down here in July to do a few events (one in Jesus Maria, one in Palmas, one or two at public schools?,   church etc).
           - We are hoping to give away 50 more wheelchairs (if you are interested in giving to this project send me an e-mail.

- I was up in Phoenix for the International Wholistic Missions Conference last week. It was a good time of connecting with other people doing wholistic ministry on the field, getting some new contacts and dreaming about the future.

- We hope to start phase two of our building project in August. Please pray for that as well. It will require money to be raised, permits to be obtained and hands to help! They did a little clean up yesterday... read about it on Rods blog!

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