Sunday 8 June 2014

5.5 Things (cause I like lists)

1. I love the rainy days we have been having. Cool, overcast and perfect for having an afternoon cup of coffee!

2.  I went to a funeral this last week. Probably the most awkward things since being in Mexico. The only person I really knew was in the casket. This family lives on my block and I became friends with him because of his dog (shocker). Sweet older guy. Anyways his wife came and asked me to go to the funeral because the guy told him i was the light of the neighborhood. Anyways I went. It was awkward... good story!

3. My favorite part about being here is watching God transform peoples lives. This morning I was teaching about the life of Christ to the younger youth (ages 12-15). One boy has been very stand offish in the past. Today he was interested, asked questions and memorized the points with everyone else. Love it!

4. I really enjoy the evening coffees with the ladies. Its so fun... laugh, talk, dream about trips to cancun ;)

5. The interns come this week. And so the crazy two months begins! Should be a great couple with interns, groups and visitors. Lots of new outreaches, watching the world cup, hanging out and sharing the Love of God with Ixtapaluca. 

and .5 
i have biting ants in my house.

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