Tuesday 17 June 2014

Sports Outreaches!

Sports outreach is one way that we build relationships in Ixtapaluca. Monday and Wednesday in Jesus Maria and Tuesday and Thursday in Palmas (a new area for us). 

Two days in and we have had some good turnouts. 

In Jesus Maria it is a bunch of kiddos and their families. We had so much fun yesterday with a couple tournaments. 
I was able to make a new friend. A newer person in Jesus Maria. After about a 30 minute conversation she is excited for the things happening at Tiempo de Vivir (our community center). I hope to continue to build this relationship with her (and her family, she has two little boys). 
Relationships, why we do what we do. 

In Palmas we had a good size group of teens! They played soccer HARD! We are going to be inviting them to movie nights, game nights etc. 

Oh and of course we are following and watching lots of the world cup! Go Mexico AND the USA!

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