Saturday 28 June 2014

Trip to the USA!

Tonight I bought my plane tickets for my trip to the states this fall!

I fly in AND out of Indianapolis (August 12th- September 29th),

I do not have a lot of dates nailed down but...

I will be in Pennsylvania at Word of Life Chapel on August 17th
Then down to Tennessee (hopefully) and Arkansas
I plan on being in the Nebraska (Iowa) area August 30-September 17thish
Then Chicago and Indiana for the remainder of the trip.

The reason for the trip is to raise A MINIMUM of  $1000 in monthly and some on time funds. I HAVE to accomplish this to come back on September 29th.

*Pray for the monthly need!
*Think of small groups, churches or individuals you think i should talk to and help me set up a time!
*Support me! Five dollars or a hundred dollars, every bit helps!
*if you can help with travel costs, hotel points, etc ... let me know!

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