Thursday 26 June 2014

Relationship Building.

So much can happen in between blog posts!

This week has been full of soccer games, playing soccer, teaching english at a junior high school, teaching english in Jesus Maria and Acozac, mowing grass, working out at the gym, eating, eating and more eating!

This summer we are focusing on making NEW friends! How are we doing that?

-Soccer. The guys play soccer in a local park in a new area. They have already made some new friends and we are inviting them to the guys house on sunday (yes, during church) to watch the Mexico Soccer game. Please be praying for this time of fellowship with our new friends.

- The Gym. They guys are doing weights and playing soccer. And the girls are upstairs taking zumba classes and talking to the women in the classes. (although we did DARE the boys to take a zumba class with us next week, lets see if they do!).  I was able to take the zumba instructor home after class the other day. She is looking for a place to fit in, a place to belong, a place with friends. So, we invite her to hang out with us. Please pray for this relationship (and the other ones in the gym).

- English in local public schools. Getting to know teachers and students in Palmas (the neighborhood) and next week in Jesus Maria too! Ever want to feel like a rock star, come here to one of these schools!

- English Classes in Samuels house. Three classes, all new students, friendships being made!

- And just living life. In all three neighborhoods 

We have some great people here this summer! God is moving and changing Ixtapaluca- one friendship at a time!

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