Tuesday 28 February 2017

A little update....

To catch you up... Brock, Heather and I went to receive training on the field to cup experience of a coffee shop. We learned so much that is almost hard to put into words. Now we are busy with plans to get everything ready. We hope to launch on Saturday June 10th. Prayers are much appreciated as we are very aware of how much needs to happen, along with all the other ministry stuff we have going.

11 hours of being home from Guatemala, I left to go recruit at Grace University for Camino Global

After about three weeks away, I was so thankful to come home and see these wonderful faces...

Currently, I am working like crazy to make sure we can get the proper equipment and stuff for the coffee shop/community center. And trying to figure out how to get green coffee beans up to us pronto!

We are also trying to create a list of coffee farmers in Oaxaca and Chiapas at the right elevation and price for what we want.... nope, thats not overwhelming at all ;)

Right now, lots of english classes are going on... kind of as a kick off to La Cima ministries (the community center). Two different rural public schools, in my house twice a week and at the church building once a week. It is amazing to start getting to know people of the community and look forward to the day when I know everyone!

On Saturday a group is coming from Judson University. They are going to help with teaching english, painting the community center and coffee shop, painting the roofs, doing rallys at the two schools, and laying the foundation for the coffee roasting barn. I am excited to have them, and excited to see what God does through them! 

Then there is a bunch of random ministry stuff coming up... its a super busy time of year here. We (the Amealco team) appreciate your prayers for everything... including rest and relaxation in the midst of crazy! 

Thank you all for your prayers and support. =)

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